Nikon 5Ds Preview

Every two years we’re expecting new cameras to come out so January 2018 is going to give us the new Nikon 5Ds.

Even though we don’t have the official specs, we do expect the new camera to present an FX-format and to be a fast and stable camera as well.

It’s going to have a magnesium body, taking the challenging shooting experiences. It’s going to have a minimum blackout time and present improved ViewFinder visibility.

The speed is going to be great with the 12fps with AF tracking, whereas the ISO is going to range from 100 to 1024000 with low-light AF and down to -4EV.

We sure expect the new Nikon 5Ds to have a redesigned sensor inside and to present enlarged dynamic ranges.

It seems that Nikon 5Ds is going to have 20.8 effective MP and come with accurate AF tracking too.