New Canon EOS-R High Resolution Camera – Here’s What We’re Expecting to See

Even though there aren’t any rumored specs, we’re all hoping that Canon is going to announce a new EOS-R High Resolution model at Photokina 2019 in May.  After all, Photokina is the most prestigious event for the photographic industry.  In addition, Nikon has recently launched a high resolution model so one can only expect that Canon is going to do the same thing.  If the Niko Z7 is a high resolution model, coming with a 45MP sensor, it’s quite natural that Canon is going to do the same time as the current Canon EOS R comes with a 30MP sensor.

Does the rumor have any truth in it?

The entire rumor about the new model isn’t a shocker among the photographers out there as a more pro-oriented EOS R model has been expected for a while.

Unfortunately for all of us, many of the potential rumors about Canon in the next months have been shattered to pieces by Canon, but why not hope?

Nevertheless, we all know that Canon does have a high resolution EOS –R in development. It was highlighted by one of the Canon exec during a recent interview. This doesn’t give us the certitude that the E OS high resolution camera is going to be announced any time soon.

Why does Canon need to launch a new EOS-R high resolution camera?

It’s pretty obvious that now that we have the EOS R system, we’re going to see a lot of it for quite some time and Canon is going to try its best to make their very own E OS M system better and stronger. We’re sure that Canon is determined to replicate the impressive success of the EOS 5D line-up with mirrorless technology. All Canon RF lenses have been built with a 50MP sensor in mind, which is kind of a giveaway for the next model.

What do we expect from the new model?

We’re expecting for the new model to come with a high resolution sensor. Truth be told, we’re also hoping that the new model is going to feature 2 card slots and to be able to record 4K with no crop.

We’re anticipating that the new EOS R model is going to sport a sensor around 50MP. It goes without saying that mirrorless camera with the identical resolution of the E OS 5Ds (R) is going to be truly appreciated by many of the photographers out there.

Why the high hopes?

Canon has already developed the Canon EOS M series of APS-C mirrorless cameras that didn’t really disappoint. However, the enthusiast and professional photographers do expect more in terms of lenses and high-end features. This is why the new Canon R didn’t completely satisfy the professionals when it comes to specs and various features. Nevertheless, the new RF lenses that are going to be launched together with the new model are definitely going to be high-end, confirming that the new EOS R is nothing like the EOS M. by contrary, the new products are going to announce a new Canon generation which is going to include mirrorless cameras addressing to the pros.

We know that one of the first marketing forms for the new EOS R is “Be the Revolution”. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the new model is going to be a turning point, but it’s definitely going to bring an evolution, setting the bar high for the future cameras and lenses. As there aren’t many rumors or details regarding the next lenses or EOS R system, we’re going to have to work with the specs of the current EOS R camera.

In a nutshell- what’s to say about the current EOS R camera?

We’re going to come back with a detailed look on the current model, so here’s some basic info about Canon EOS R camera.

The key features look like this:

  • It features 30.3 MP full-frame image sensor
  • It comes with tilt/swivel touchscreen display
  • It includes the new DIGIC 8 image processor
  • It comes with 4k/30p video recording
  • It has Dual Pixel CMOS AF

Coming with a stylish, familiar and pretty modern design the current EOS R camera has already won its fans, but this doesn’t mean we’re not excited about the next model.