Fujifilm X80 Preview

Even though the Fujifilm X70 was the first Fujifilm camera to feature a selfie touch screen, the camera didn’t quite hit the market as hoped and it’s already discontinued. Only four days after announcement, the camera’s price tag was already lowered.

This doesn’t mean that Fujifilm gave up the idea and the X70 is getting a second chance with the Fujifilm X80.

During February in 2017, many were expecting the new X80 to be announced by the end of 2017. Well, 2017 is coming to its end so it’s quite obvious we’re not going to see the X80 anytime sooner than 2018.

Many professionals out there are expecting for the new X80 to features X-Trans III, but it seems that the Fujifilm engineers found the sensor and processor to be a bit too power-hungry for the small battery and the form aspect of the X70.  Even though it’s not impossible, chances are that the battery life would be way too short to actually serve you any good. This may be the explanation of the delayed announcement of the X80.

So it’s only natural that Fujifilm had to come up with a solution and the change of the design was the first thing to come in mind. The new model X80 had to handle a lot better heat and to fit a larger battery as well. But this doesn’t quite matches the principle of the X70 line- which is to create a very compact APS-C camera.

So, in order to improve, Fujifilm had to drop the entire camera line so that it may create a compact camera for the X-Trans III and the X-Processor. Let’s not forget that, apart from being a great little tool, the X70 didn’t quite make it to the top.

We do expect the new X80 to come with the same X-Trans III sensor inside, just the 100F has. The new X80 is going to have its fans, for sure.