Fujifilm X-E3 4K Digital Camera Review

The XX was just released few months ago and it’s the newest addition to the X series of premium mirrorless digital cameras.

A quick view

Featuring an APS-C 24.3 MP X-Trans CMOS III sensor and an X-Processor Pro high-speed image processing engine, the XX is the first X Series model that comes with Bluetooth low energy wireless communication. Therefore, you may connect the camera to your smartphone or tablet device so that you may easily transfer your pictures.

The XX comes with an LCD monitor on the back, using a static touchscreen panel that takes the common “Touch AF”, “Focus Area Selection” and “Touch Shot”.

We have to notice the new “Touch function” function that allows gesture control like pinch zoom and flick to better touchscreen operation. The AF algorithm is improved so the camera performs better for tracking a moving subject.

The XX does present a premium exterior design and is an agile and reliable mirrorless camera that is both easy and fun to use.

The image quality

The XX features a 24.3 MP APS-C sized X-Trans CMOS III sensor and its X-Processor Pro Image processing engine sustains the sensor, providing impressive image quality and high-speed response. The list of features continues with a large phase detection AF area and the better algorithm that provides a speed as fast as 0.06sec.

The shutter time lag is 0.050sec, the shooting interval is 0.25sec*4, whereas the quick start-up time is 0.4 sec and the live-view shooting is 5.0fps.

The improved image recognition algorithm helps the XX be better at tracking subjects that are moving at twice the speed, when compared with older models.

We also have to pinpoint that XX can track moving subjects of half the size as before.

The 4K video recording

You may confidently use the XX for recording both Full HD and 4K video thanks to the X Series Film Simulation modes. You can also use the HDMI port or the input audio from an external microphone for output recording video.

The touchscreen

The XX comes with an LCD monitor that presents a high-resolution 1.04M dot and 3.0-in static touchscreen panel display. The “Touch Panel Settings” lets you go through various playback modes, as follows:

  1. Shooting modes
  • Focus Area Selection- You may move the focus point to the selected position as you tap the LCD monitor
  • Touch Shot- You can touch to focus on a specific point and shoot your picture afterwards. The camera is going to take the shot after you remove the finger from the screen
  1. Playback modes
  • Swipe Movement: You can swipe a finger across the screen, going through the images
  • Double-Tap Enlargement: As you tap the screen twice, you enlarge the image, but you have to center on the active focus point of your picture
  • Pinch out: You place two fingers on the screen and widening the distance between them is going to enlarge the image
  • Pinch in: If your image is enlarged, you can place two fingers on the screen and narrow the distance between them to minimize the image size, displaying the last 9 images
  • Drag: When you’re moving a finger across the screen on an enlarged image, you’re going to move it around the frame

Keep in mind that if the “Touch Panel Settings” are turned off, the touchscreen functions are disabled.

The XX also comes with the “Touch Function” feature that allows you to flick motions in up (down and right) left directions to use pre-assigned functions. You can change the focus area location if you’re using the drag motion on the touchscreen panel, at the same time with watching the Electric View Finder (EVF).

You can activate touchscreen operation for “ALL”, “Right”, “LEFT” or simply turn the functionality “OFF” as you go to the EVF TouchScreen Area Settings.

The body

The XX presents a redesigned camera body and it’s compact and lightweight model, featuring both viewfinder and interchangeable lens. The camera has well-balanced proportions and the grip makes the camera easy and comfortable to hold.

The XX takes the Focus Lever as well so you may change the focus area as you’re watching the viewfinder.

On the top plate of the camera body we notice two dials- one is for shutter speed and the other one is used for exposure compensation. The dials are made of aluminum and look quite nice, giving a reassuring click with every notched setting.

The XX comes with Auto mode selector lever so you may choose the fully-automatic Advanced SR Auto mode in which case the camera selects the best setting for a specific scene.

The exposure compensation dial comes with C position so that the exposure compensation gets to +/- stops in 1/3 steps, improving the basic operability of photography.

The connectivity

XX is the first X series camera that comes with Bluetooth ability so it’s easy for you to pair it with a smartphone or tablet device. This way you may easily transfer your pictures using the smart-device app “Fujifilm Camera Remote”.

The X-mount lenses

the ultra-wide-angle and telephoto lenses, including five fast aperture prime lenses bring out the best image quality from the XX. You may also get mount adapters or macro extension tubes for better photographic performances.

In a nutshell

The XX is a compact and lightweight camera and here are the things we like the most about it:

  • It comes with a viewfinder and touchscreen LCD
  • It has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi ability
  • You may record both Full HD and 4K video
  • It features 24.3MP APS-C sized X-trans CMOS III sensor
  • High ISO noise performance
  • It’s easy to customize on so many levels
  • The touchscreen is highly responsive
  • It comes with external mic input
  • You may charge it over USB connection

The minor issues shouldn’t be a deal breaker to you:

  • The Face Detect feature doesn’t perform great in low light
  • You can’t access memory card slot if the camera is on a tripod
  • AF tracking performance isn’t reliable

Regardless of the minor issues, for the many features and compact body, you should give it a go whenever in need.

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