How to Craft Using a Silhouette/Cricut Machine

If you’re new to crafting and you’re sitting on a fence as you know little to nothing about this great activity, getting some new info about Silhouette/Cricut is fundamental.

The ABC on Silhouette/Cricut machines

The market is full of various cutters and they may come with different features. The most popular ones are still Silhouette and Cricut machines, but they’re not the only options- it’s good to know.

You need to make an idea about what you’re trying to do with your cutter, which type of crafts you’re planning to make so that the cutting machine is able to make possible your craft ideas.

As both Silhouette and Cricut give you so many models to choose from, it’s not a bad idea to know the most important features on most Silhouette and Cricut, for the beginning.

The Silhouette machines

If you’re the type of person that likes a lot to design and to play with the crafting projects, a Silhouette machine is the cutting machine to go with. For those of you who aren’t that much into the technical details, here something to keep in mind: using a Silhouette machine comes with a learning curve. The sooner you get to learn how to use the Design Studio software, the easier for you it’s going to be to change your projects as you go. You may erase wherever you want to, you may add text or simply draw some new lines.

Let’s not forget about the Silhouette design store that gives you the option to get various images and projects for a very small price. Obviously, you get better in time and it’s only a matter of time until you may turn the projects to fit your likings and needs.

What can you do with a Silhouette machine?

When you’re using a Silhouette, you may also cut any font from your computer. Whether you’re working or not with the free version of the Design Studio software is entirely up to you, but you may also take it to the next level and use the Designer Edition. This one gives you access to new features, cutting both Studio and SVG (vector files) being just one example.

What’s also great about the software is that you don’t need Internet connection to use it.

An important feature for the Silhouette machines is “tracing” which means you cut images that you’ve recently uploaded from your computer. For instance, you may use the trace feature when you want to use a logo, making it into a cuttable file. You may use the feature also when you’re using a flower jpg file. You simply upload it to your software, trace it and finish by using the “print and cut” function to print the image. You’re going to use your Silhouette to cut around the outer edge of the panda.

Silhouette machines come in a great range of prices and features so finding one that fits the best your skills, needs and budget is only a matter of time.

What are the best parts about Silhouette machines?

You should definitely get a Silhouette machine if you’re determined to make your very own projects as their software for designing are so versatile. The interface of the Silhouette machines is similar to Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop, so it’s quite easy to understand.

No worries if you don’t feel very confident into creating your own designs as the designs are quite cheap. The software is easy enough to understand and you do have full control when creating your own.

When should you get a Cricut machine?

When you’re a bit more interested into working with pre-made designs or you’re not that high-tech-kind-of-crafter anyways, it’s best to go with a Cricut machine.

A Cricut machine is, more than anything else, very easy to use right out of the box. You only need some basic info on the machine or the software and a Cricut machine is really the option of any beginner in crafting.

You should also go with a Cricut if you already have some Cricut cartridges and you may use them with the Explore Air and Explore Air 2.

How to use a Cricut machine?

A Cricut machine is in fact an electronic cutting machine that looks quite similar to a printer. It doesn’t print your design on paper though, but it uses an accurate blade and some roller to cut out almost anything you have in mind.

Even though some may think Cricut machines are simply for scrap bookers, the reality isn’t like that at all.

Nowadays, a Cricut machine uses an impressive library of cut files and you may easily download or cut your personal files. You may also use the software from your tablet or computer, online or offline. As for the materials, the diversity is also amazing as a Cricut Explore, for instance, may cut more than 100 different materials.

You can use a Cricut to draw, score and even engrave with it.

No matter the type of your crafting project, a Cricut machine is going to be reliable and accurate every time.

What can you do with a Cricut machine?

No matter what you’re planning to cut, drawn, etch or score, you can definitely rely on a Cricut. Just to give you an idea, here’s some of the craft projects that you may start today:

  • Paper gift boxes and tags
  • Felt coasters
  • Greeting cards
  • Leather chokers
  • Iron-on vinyl for t-shirts
  • Coloring pages
  • Paper flowers
  • Decals for model airplanes

Which one should you choose?

It all depends on the types of projects you’re planning to do. If you’re creative and really like to work on your ideas until you get exactly what you want, don’t hesitate and go with a Silhouette.

If you’re creative, but don’t necessarily like to get all hi-tech and technical, working on your computer on your craft projects, it’s best to go with a Cricut machine. Looking for best Cricut deals? Click here.

No matter your final choice though, it’s important to be dedicated and to be willing to learn more every single time.