Canon 90 D Preview

Even though the name it very certain just yet, chances are that Canon 90 D or Canon 80D Mark II (the most probable names) is going to surpass the 80D camera any time soon next year.

The Canon 80D is a camera for anyone who goes for the crop-camera and the second hand full-frame camera. The main downside may be the depth of sharpness, but the camera brings many other good things to the table.

Because of the whole marketing matter, Canon isn’t hurrying at all to give us Canon EOS90D right the way, which is why the new model may be so much improved than the previous one. As other manufacturers are always designing better and better cameras, the photographers are the ones to gain.

Here’s what we know so far

Heard it through the grape vine, it seems that Canon 90D is going to have a digic 7 processor and we do need a bit of imagination when it comes to its performances, since Digi 6 and Digic 6+ already give us amazing shots.

The resolution of Canon EOS90 D is 28mpx which is better than the 24.2mpx of the Canon 80D. The new model comes with Dual pixel CMOS AD, a technology developed by Canon that also has a say in the improvement of resolution. The technology consists of pixel location that includes two independent diodes on the entire surface of the matrix.

The coverage is in fact 80% of the surface of the matrix (vertical and horizontal). The pixel density is higher and, when you’re having the same conditions and the same shooting distance, the performance for the phase detection autofocus is way better.

The video performance

If you’re into video recording and go for an SLR camera, the Canon EOS90D is going to be quite a revelation. The camera comes with new features that make recording process way easier.

It seems that the new model is coming with STM-lenses and may record video using the tracking focus in 4K resolution, with 1080 60pfs and 720p 120fps. It also includes a connector for the microphone which is great when recording. You may also control a bit the shooting parameters with your smartphone or tablet so you won’t be needing the bulky equipment or several cables anymore.

Don’t undermine the utility of the GPS function on the camera and a geotag helps you remember exactly where you took your shots.

The Canon EOS90D also comes with Wi-Fi which enables you to take pictures and take a look at them. Sometimes, you need to take a shot away from home and if you don’t have a laptop, a camera like this and a tablet is going to make everything way easier.

The matrix photosensitivity (ISO) is going to be somewhere around 51200, which is not that much. As for the AF system, it seems that it’s going to stay of 45-points all.

Date release and price

We think that Canon EOS 90D isn’t going to be released any time sooner than the end of 2018 and we expect to pay for it somewhere around $1300.

The high performances and the price make the new model an option for the professional photographer and we can only hope to see it in stores any time soon.