Canon 5DS Mark II Preview

If it were for the rumors, we should expect the next Canon 5D S Mark II is expected anytime soon in the Q3 or Q8 of 2018. One thing we do know for sure: that the Canon 5DS Mark II isn’t coming in 2017/

It seems that Canon did some testing of at least three to four prototypes of professional camera, each of them presenting a various core specification before setting the specification of any pro DSLR.

Most of the rumors point to a 60MP sensor and the new camera is coming with a new model of low megapixel mode.

The new camera is going to have 4K video (even though its video features are a bit basic) and focus peaking as well. We’re also expecting for the new camera to have plenty of other features: Wi-Fi, DPAF, Touchscreen and GPS.

We’re not expecting many changes when it comes to the body and style and the new model is going to have, most likely, the same body as Canon EOS 5D Mark IV.

The Canon 5DS Mark II isn’t going to have a pass filter and it seems that the “5DS” series are going to be combined into this new model.

Chances are that the new model is going to be announced in the second half of 2018 (at Photokina 2018, most probably).