The 10 Top Green Screen Background Kits

The green screen is the secret behind creating impressive special effects in TV shows, movies, music videos and even in YouTube videos. Any dedicated photographer or videographer may have used the chroma key backdrops any now and then, no matter if it’s the blue, black or green screens.

If you’re an entry level photographer, the utility of the green screen background is something to learn about as it may give you so many other possibilities for your work.

Simply going and buying a green screen background isn’t going to cut it so you need to learn a thing or two about the green screen backgrounds.

What counts when buying your green screen background?

Some of the features you need on your green screen background are intuitive, but let’s go meticulous so that you can choose the best one for your needs:

  • Color

Obviously enough, your green screen background has to be …green. The color should be an even shade that has no differences of hues or brightness. If the color is faded, you’re not going to be able to complete your project as there are going to be several dull spots of color that are going to slow down the post-production editing.

  • Flexibility

The green screen background has to present a good flexibility as you need to use it in difference production settings, inside and outside your studio. If it’s flexible enough, you’re going to be able to use it for small productions, both photography and videography.

  • Material

It seems that 100% cotton gives the best photography results. The downside is that is prone to wrinkles. You may also try heavy materials with a tight weave/high thread count. Keep in mind that the material shouldn’t be glossy as it’s going to create light glares.

What else counts when buying?

Even though the aforementioned features are the most important one to take under consideration, there are some other things that you should pay attention to:

  • Overall quality

If you’re willing to pay the extra buck, you should always go with a professional option. Not only that an option like this is going to allow you to install it on a crossbar for better results, but you’re going to have higher consistency for your projects too.

  • Size

The size of the green screen drop is also important when choosing your green screen kit. A larger screen is great for the outdoor projects. You should go with a smaller green screen in the case of tight places or limited areas. The type of your video/photo project is the best to consider when deciding the size of your green screen background.

One last tip

The more you expect from your green screen background, the more you should expect to pay for it. Paying the extra buck is going to worth it, especially if your projects depend on it.

TOP 10 Green Screen Background Reviews

Going shopping on a tight budget is no picnic, but that doesn’t mean you should get back home empty handed. The LYLYCTY Background 5x7ft Non-Woven Fabric Solid Color Green Screen Photo Backdrop Studio Photography Props LY063 isn’t a revolutionary product, but it certainly doesn’t disappoint either.

By contrary, the green screen background is made of non-woven fabric and even comes in a professional custom LYLY packaging. It’s made of environment-friendly materials and there was no pollution involved in the making. As a matter of fact, the material is quite strong and is going to take the use for a good amount of time.

The material is lightweight and has a small volume. It’s easy to fold, clean and carry so you have no worries when it comes to storing or carrying it. It’s really versatile and you may use it for quite some time.

Simple and large enough, the green screen background is easy to hang and may serve you in plenty of projects.

Here’s what we like about it:

  • It has a good size and it’s nice quality
  • It’s lightweight and easy to fold
  • It’s a factory strong material that takes the use for a good amount of time
  • It’s really affordable

The downsides aren’t major:

  • It’s a tad stiff and you may need to iron it
  • It doesn’t come with a stand

Beggars cannot be choosers and the green screen background is a solid option to have in mind when shopping with a thin wallet.


The LimoStudio, AGG1338, Photo Video Studio 6 x 9 feet Green Muslin Backdrop isn’t just affordable and easy to use, but it’s also dependable and versatile.

The green screen background is made of 100% polyester and even if it looks a bit wrinkly when out of the box, it’s nothing that a bit of steamer (with a cloth over it for protection) cannot solve. Either way, you may even only dust it off and be able to use the green screen background right away.

The material is lightweight and provides a non-gloss surface, which can only ease up your editing work later on.

You also get 5 pcs of backdrop holders so it’s easier with the installation. The ring metal holding clip is good quality and you should use it for mounting the green screen background. The maximum load is 5lbs. so keep that in mind when using.

The green screen background has a great size and its quality doesn’t disappoint, considering the price.

Here’s what we like the most about it:

  • The material is 100%polyester
  • It’s a lightweight material that ensures a non-gloss surface
  • It comes with backdrop holders
  • It’s a good size and quality

The downsides aren’t major:

  • Some think it wrinkles easy
  • It doesn’t come with a stand

Nevertheless, the green screen background is a great option for many and you should consider it when looking for one and your budget is tight.


If you’re looking for a pop out background for an attractive price, the CowboyStudio Photography Photo Reversible Pop Out Background Panel is one solid option to go with.

The panel is in fact a reversible two-sided background type and you’re going to find its use in various photography or cinematography projects. You may use it as a reflective surface for directing the light towards a specific object/scene.

As board reflectors are so different in terms of reflectivity, size, color and portability, you shouldn’t undermine the importance of selecting the right type of reflector. The panel is green on one size and blue on the revers and each of them is going to help you create the right setting for your projects.

The spring steel liner has a good flexibility and keeps the material really tight and wrinkle free. The metal band has a strong and sturdy feel to it.

Lightweight, the panel comes with a zippered case so that the portability is never an issue. The size is good (5x7ft) and the panel becomes 30”x30” when folded.

Listing the facts, we appreciate the most:

  • It’s green on one side and blue on the reverse
  • The spring steel liner is strong and sturdy, holding the material tight
  • It’s lightweight and versatile
  • It folds and stores really easy

The minor issues don’t hold us down:

  • Some feel it stains really easy
  • It’s a tad reflective

As long as you stay focused on the goods (which are plenty), you shouldn’t have any doubts about the performance and quality of this green screen background.


Even if you’re going to need to practice the folding in the beginning, you should definitely take the leap of faith with the Fancier studio Chromakey Green Chromakey Blue Collapsible Backdrop Collapsible Reversible Background.

The double-sided green&blue background has a collapsible design and gives you plenty of options for your various projects. It’s Chromakey blue on one side and Chromakey Green on the other one. The colors are vibrant and ensure easy editing later on.

The material is high quality and the green background is going to take the use for a good amount of time.

It’s easy to collapse, even if some are going to find the folding a bit challenging in the beginning. You may have to iron it at first. Large and dependable, the panel also features tab on side for hanging. It comes with a carry bag for easier storage and transportation.

Let’s have another look at the good things:

  • It’s a double sided green&blue background
  • It’s large and the colors are strong
  • It comes with tab on side for hanging
  • It’s collapsible and easy to carry around

The inherent flaws are nothing to worry about:

  • It doesn’t come with a stand
  • You’re going to need to learn how to fold it right and easy

Regardless of the minor issues, for the portability, versatility and good quality, the double-sided background is one solid “yes” that doesn’t empty your pockets.


The Fovitec StudioPRO – 5′ x 6.5′ Green/Blue Double-Sided Pop-Out Muslin Backdrop brings a lot of good things to the table and you should give it a go when looking for a green screen background.

The double-sided pop-out muslin backdrop has a collapsible design. You may need a bit of time until you get the folding right, but once you do, it’s going to be so helpful to fold it into a circle. This solves the problems of both storage and portability.

The double-sided pop-out backdrop is great for video and photography and you may set it up as reversible background in no time. It has a long lasting build. It’s made of soft and tough muslin, whereas the sides are lined with steel spring for a good structure and tautness. The material is high-quality cotton with minor risk for reflections as it has a matte finish. There are no seams and the double-sided pop-out is a great addition for anyone interested in photography.

The steel frame is rigid and doesn’t allow shifting from minor movement or breezes. The green screen background comes in a water resistant bag that is going to protect it against the minor spills.

Let’s have another check of the qualities:

  • It’s a double-sided pop-out muslin backdrop
  • The material is high-quality cotton with matte finish
  • The steel frame is rigid and doesn’t allow shifting
  • It has a collapsible design and comes with a water-resistant bag

The downsides are nothing to worry about:

  • It has a slight odor right out of the box
  • It doesn’t have side loops

For the reliability, quality of the materials and build, the double-sided pop-out background is a valid option to keep in mind.


If you don’t have the patience to look for everything you need for a green screen background, have a go with the Emart Photography 8.5x10ft Background Stand Backdrop Support System Kit.

The kit includes an 8.5×10 backdrop support stand and crossbar, but also a 10.×12 muslin green Chromakey Photography backdrop. That’s quite large and you’re going to be able to develop plenty of photograph/video projects. It’s a heavy-duty reinforced nylon which is going to handle the use for a good amount of time.

The green Chromakey backdrop is made of 100% cotton and has a seamless build. It’s made from just one piece of material. It absorbs the light well and reduces the risk for reflection.

But this isn’t everything you’re getting. The kit also contains 10ft. crossbar that has adjustable width (min5ft. and maximum 10ft). You also get a very useful carrying bag that solves the portability problem.

The setup is easy and the green screen background is going to ease up your editing process.

Let’s take a closer look at the qualities:

  • The kit includes everything you need when using a green backdrop
  • The material is 100% cotton which eliminates reflection
  • The setup is easy
  • The build is good and the kit has a durability feel to it

The minor issues don’t stress us much:

  • The quality could be better
  • The holes aren’t placed right

All in all, for a good price, you get pretty much everything you need when planning to use a green screen background for your photography projects. Why not try it?


The double-sided background Fotodiox Fotodiox Pro Collapsible Background Kit is loaded with good features so scroll down for the details.

The background panel comes with Chromakey Green/Blue and comes with support stand for an easier installation.

The support stand may be raised up to 7ft. to hold the double-sided panel. The 2-in-1 collapsible design ensures its versatility and you may confidently use it for any sort of shoot.

The spring metal frame seems to be durable and presents a pro-grade material build.

The colors are bold and the material is 100%cotton. It’s a clean cloth that has minimal risk for reflection and you may confidently steam it for the 1st use.  You should reduce the risk for color spill and give enough space between the background and your subject.

The double-sided background panel is well made and has a durability feel to it.

Here’s what we like the most about it:

  • It’s a double-sided Chromakey green/blue background panel
  • The material is 100% cotton and the colors are strong
  • The stand is made of metal and seems strong and sturdy
  • The panel is foldable for easier storage and portability

Don’t let the minor stand in your way when buying:

  • Some find it difficult to fold
  • The clip on top is made of plastic

Suffice it to say, as long as you remain focused on the goods you shouldn’t hesitate when running into this double-sided background panel.


If you’re an entry level photographer and want to buy all at once for your artistic projects, take a leap of faith with the Chromakey Green Screen Kit 800w Photo Video Lighting Kit.

The kit includes an 8ft. heightx10ft. wide backdrop support stand, a 10’x12’ Chromakey Green screen, but also bulbs and adaptors. You also get to use a shoot through umbrella and a light stand. On top of everything else, you also get a carrying case for the backdrop stand.

The seamless Chromakey green muslin backdrop is made of 100% cotton and it’s entirely machine washable.

The light is bright is bright and the stand is quite high. It’s easy to point the lighting for various projects. The setup is easy and the light umbrella provides a nice distribution of the light.

The adjustments are easy to do and the stand has a sturdy build. The carry bag is reusable and the kit is a great investment for any beginner.

Let’s highlight the good things once again:

  • The kit includes a green screen background, but also support stand, lights and umbrella
  • The green screen material is 100% cotton and machine washable
  • The umbrella is light and distributes the light nicely
  • The light is bright and the kit is great for entry-level user

The downsides aren’t major:

  • The material is a tad thin
  • Some think that the color is a bit darker than pictured

It goes without saying that, for an attractive price, you get a reliable and good-quality kit that is going to help you improve your skills right from the beginning.


If you’re ready to step up your game, put your money at stake with the Limo Studio 3meter x 2.6meter / 10foot. x 8.5foot. Background Support System.

The kit includes 1 backdrop support stand with cross bar, 1 green/black/white muslin, but also light bulbs, light stand tripod and even bulb socket.

You’re going to be able to create the setup you need for your shooting projects and sue the white umbrella reflector, the lighting diffuser and the backdrop holder.

As you figured it out by now, this is a full package photo/video lighting studio kit that both amateurs and professional video makers and photographers are going to find reliable.

The stand is height and width adjustable and the muslin stand carry bag included is going to take the long time use. The light stand is also height adjustable and the locking system is going to increase the safety when in use. You may also set the height of the heavy-duty light stand which works amazing with the Soft Box Reflectors.

The carry bag is water resistant and it’s made of Premium Quality Oxford Nylon. It features a big external pocket and it’s large enough to store the muslins, umbrellas, backdrop support stand and the camera.

Here’s what we appreciate the most about it:

  • The kit is good for amateurs and professionals alike
  • The items are good quality
  • The setup is easy
  • It’s great quality for the money

Don’t let the minor issues stand in your way when deciding:

  • If you’re going to set it on wide, you’re going to need a help from a friend
  • You need to iron the backdrops

Even if the kit isn’t all roses and rainbows, you should still give it a chance when looking for this type of equipment.


When you’re dedicated to photography or video making, it’s only natural that you’re willing to pay the extra buck for a reliable green screen background. The Neewer 8.5 x 10 feet / 2.6 x 3 Meters Background Support System doesn’t give you just that, but it also includes several accessories that are going to ease up all the editing process later on.

The kit includes light stand, a single head light holder, bulbs and even a white umbrella. You may also use the soft box and the muslin backdrop. The backdrop clamps make the installation really easy, whereas the backdrop support system is effective and dependable.

The light stand and light holder take the heavy duty work and the height adjustment is easy to make with just one fast single action lock. The single head light holder lets you attach a bulb to a light stand and the umbrella as well.

The backdrops are made of 100% muslin. It’s cotton fabric with plain weave that is machine washable. The lightweight fabric is wrinkle-resistant. The kit includes green, white and black backdrops.

The background stand is made of aluminum allows and comes with detachable crossbars so that you may adjust the height and width.

The white translucent umbrella diffuses the light output, whereas the light bulb gives enough light. The soft boxes diffuse light and provide good lighting.

Everything is nicely organized in the carry bag which seems to be very well made. It’s lightweight and may take the use for a long time.

Here’s our list of pros:

  • The kit includes several accessories
  • You get 3 muslin backdrops
  • The accessories are well made
  • Everything is well organized in the durable carry bag

the cons are only a few:

  • The light could be brighter
  • The support system comes with rather thing posts

Regardless of the inherent flaws, for the great number of accessories, quality and performance, the kit is going to make it as a wise investment any given day.